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Any building: a hospital , a plant , an office or a warehouse , should be designed to perform its functions with maximum profit. At the same time there should be minimal maintenance costs. Thus, we have a simple model: clarity of functions plus the minimal maintenance costs is equal to beneficial running. This system is offered to customers in Baigudin Project Company. That is why with our design your building will be more profitable.

Most companies do not take these details into consideration. Of course, their projects meet safety standards and state regulations. The importance of these aspects is undeniable, however that is not all that is necessary for a successful and profitable building operation.

While designing the building many companies completely ignore building efficiency and minimizing operation costs. Baigudin Project Company provides design specification that meets all required standards. So we guaranty that our building is safe to use. However Baigudin Project designers do not stop here. We go further.

Innovative design approach provides high profitability of our buildings. Company experts thoroughly analyze and elaborate project technological solutions, which define architecture and the other design aspects. High quality technological solutions help meeting building standards. They also reduce risks, maximize efficiency and minimize cost of building construction and operation. In future you will be saved from expensive redesigning and will be able to get maximum profit.

We have lower price than other design companies have. But let’s imagine you find even lower one.

Financial indicator \ Type of project

Chip project

Baigudin Project

Project cost

1 000 000 RUB

1 500 000 RUB

Building generated income for a month

300 000 RUB

414 000 RUB

Building generated income for half a year

1 800 000 RUB

2 484 000 RUB

Project cost – building generated income for half a year

800 000 RUB

984 000 RUB

You will lose:

For a day: 3 800 RUB

For a month: 114 000 RUB

For a year: 1 368 000 RUB




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