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Our company has a modern and efficient control system based on digital technologies and global network. Thus, on a daily basis the project managers submit the electronic reports on the work performed to the General Director. Each project being developed has a personalized electronic page, which is 24h-accessible only to the customer and the executor of the specific project. This page displays the percentage of completed work. This information is updated daily. Here the parties can ask each other questions during the process of design. This is a convenient and secure way for a customer to track the work performed on the development of the project. A customer can change or add their demands and wishes for the project at any time, because the picture of future building or structure starts to become clearer during the design process and our online service helps to quickly track down these future outlines and adjust them according to the customer’s wishes and new ideas. If any complaints or requests arise, you can directly contact the General Director of the company through this page via personal e-mail or a callback request. Access to this page is only possible with the unique key of the customer, which is provided at the conclusion of the contract for the project. To access this page you can either use your Web-browser, or download the Baigudin Project application available at App Store and Google Play. Also, you can use the mobile version of the personal office.