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«Buildings perform over expectations!» - Aleksey Stodol’skiy says about constructions designed by «Baigudin Project» Company.



During my working experience I repeatedly deal with an opinion that building quality depends on construction company responsibility. According to widespread belief safety, convenience, design, visual image and other criteria is the result of builders’ efforts. This is a great mistake, which could lead to serious financial loss. In fact project development which guarantees the desired resulttake place long before construction begins. Precisely it is impossible to begin construction without previous planning, that is future building project creation. This is true not only for buildings that are developed from the ground up, but also for redesigned and refurbished buildings as well as various renovated spaces.

Fundamental principles of future development are encoded into project basis. It should reflect all details of your plan. Professionally designed project is the necessary condition for a good result. So it is very important to entrust its development to the reliable design company.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs. You must always be one step ahead of your competitors. So implemented enterprise projects should work well and be profitable. It is important to take into consideration where an enterprise is build, what is around, if the building meets all sanitary norms and many other things. These details are taken into account during construction project development. So, choosing a design company be sure to 101% they are real professionals.

I have been running my business for long time, founded new enterprises not once. So I was convinced by my own experience in importance of project development quality. Very often the results of disregard of the design part in desire to reduce the time of constructionbecome obvious only at operation stage. So many entrepreneurs suffer serious losses or eventually evenare bankrupted. I had such sad experience by myself. Design company developed unsatisfactory construction plan, didn’t take all details into consideration. Such negligence made me a bankrupt, so I had to start over.

Now I work just with “Baigudin Project”, because I don’t want to put my business at risk. The projects developed by the Company, are always worthwhile and profitable. There is perfectly simple explanation for this: Company specialists know what they do. Having a long track record in project development “Baigudin Project” experts are versed in all design aspects. Results of their work correspond to the highest standards. High quality level is achieved by technology elaboration in each project. Developed technology provides ability to construct and operate facilities with minimal cost. The Company projects always meet all local and federal low requirements as well.

Much of my enterprises success I owe to the projects developed by “Baigudin Project” company. After all buildings designed by “Baigudin Project” are 38% more profitable!